One of the most stable and lucrative trade careers today is electrician. This career path is best suited to those with the time, patience, and technical engineering prowess to pass their courses and earn a certification that will provide a high salary.

However, before you can become a well-paid professional electrician in Clayton, DE, or any other city, you must first complete all of the following steps to becoming a certified electrician.

electrician in Clayton, DE

1: Prerequisite Diploma

To enroll in a trade school for electrical repair, applicants typically need a high school diploma or GED.

2: Apply To Trade School

For many electrician jobs, employers will require that you possess a certificate from an accredited trade school. Courses at a trade school teach the fundamentals of working with electricity and how to repair many types of electrical machines, systems, and components.

Typically, trade school can be completed in anywhere between 9 to 24 months.

3: Pass Exams and Tests

After you finish your courses, you may be required to pass exams and tests before you receive your certification. Every locality has its own licensing and testing requirements, so be sure to follow the specific guidelines for your state of residence.

4: Find An Apprenticeship

Many electricians must complete an apprenticeship or internship before they are considered fully certified. By spending time in the field, you will gain valuable experience working alongside a professional electrician. Additionally, those seeking financial assistance while becoming an electrician can take advantage of work-trade opportunities through their employers to cover the cost of school.

5: Get A Journeyman’s License

This is the final step in becoming a certified electrician. Generally, an electrician can apply for a journeyman’s license after 3-6 years of proven experience in the field.